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Carrier Monitoring System

Computer Stock Management System.

Computer Stock Management System.

Motorvia's Control Room at the Head Office in Uitenhage.

Motorvia's Control Room at the Head Office in Uitenhage.

Motorvia is currently utilizing Tracker/Skytrax tracking and communication system that operates on a GPS basis via satellite. This offers a unique real-time tracking system whereby the movements of every single company vehicle can be monitored every three minutes countrywide. This system was integrated into the Motorvia Mohair Computer Network recently to add value to our customer service. The entire system is managed from Motorvia’s Head Office in Uitenhage and is called the Central Monitoring Office. It is also monitored by Carrier Control Centres based countrywide.

This service offers the following outstanding benefits:

a) Cellphone communication to all delivery vehicles to offer the highest standard of quality deliveries.

b) An all-time (24/7) GPS position to establish the position and speed of each vehicle; reflected on a digital map in every operation office countrywide. Exception reporting involves the automatic activation of a signal by the GPS, driver or the control room should the vehicle deviate from its route or in the event of a hijacking, a panic button can be activated by the driver. The control centre will immediately activate response teams for recovery.

c) Our tracking system handles the Real Time Delivery Signals by notifying our system once the carrier moves into the Dealers pre-determined off-loading area. APOD is created electronically which is then sent to the Manufacturer in batches at regular intervals as required.

d) In case of a breakdown, a standby truck can immediately be employed to attend to the delivery.

e) Downtime on delivery vehicles are monitored and reduced to the minimum for sufficient expected time of deliveries.

f) To monitor all vehicles to receive preventative maintenance to ensure highest efficiency in prompt deliveries (Contractual Expectations).

g) This direct communication system also enables en-route pick-ups resulting in improved delivery times.

Various daily reports in the movement and productivity of the vehicles to top management results in maximumutilization of our fleet and retains the highest productivity standards that can be obtained, to ensure running costs at the lowest level possible with the highest value in our delivery service.

The Central Monitoring Office and Control Centres are a very strong link In the chain to ensure quality service of delivery from the manufacturer to the dealer network.