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RTMS (Road Transport Management System) Accreditation

Motorvia was the first vehicle transporter in South Africa to be accredited as RTMS compliant. In order to remain compliant, we are subjected to an annual RTMS audit. Motorvia is proud to have received a clean audit for 2015/2016.

Key elements that the RTMS addresses include vehicle and load safety, vehicle maintenance, driver wellness, training and education; as well as mass assessment and verification.

The main aim is to monitor the fleet so that it conforms to all road ordinances in order to enhance safety on the roads. By abiding to these rules throughout the entire fleet, we as a company are furthering our goals and objectives to remain one of the leading ferrying companies in the country.

Motorvia was inspired to engage in RTMS after the termination of abnormal permits came into play. Any carrier entering the market after this might not qualify for abnormal permits which can result in any new vehicle combination carrier having a lower carrying capacity; and therefore a higher per unit transport cost.

The introduction of RTMS accredited Vehicle Carrier Operators was suggested within the industry to address the load limitation in the long term – and Motorvia is proud to be leading the way.

ISO Certifications

Motorvia is proud to be ISO and OHSAS accredited.